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Monday, 5 December 2022

Tree Bursts in Snow


2022 Charity Shop Purchases #81 - Admiral Fallow - Tree Bursts in Snow

Admiral Fallow formed on 2007 but could hardly be described as the most prolific band out there, To date they have only released four albums - Boots Met My Face (2010), Tree Bursts in Snow 2012), Tiny Rewards (2015) and The Idea of You (2021). They are all worth waiting for.

I've now acquired three out of the four the latest being the CD version of Tree Bursts on the Neettwerk label from my now nearest charity shop on Battlefield Rd. My previous nearest one on Cathcart Rd is now a  greengrocers.Tiny Rewards is the one I've still to hunt down

The band are led by Louis Abbot and Sarah Hayes who I saw doing an acoustic set in the Some Great Reward record shop when I purchased their latest offering.

Back to Tree Bursts and here is Louis explaining the title The title refers to the sound and the image of an artillery shell exploding into a cluster of snow-drenched trees... I'm also astounded by the sheer volume of gun related violent crimes throughout the world but in particular in the U.S. The lyric from 'Tree Bursts' was inspired by the idea of the effect that losing friends through violence, in particular during times of war or conflict has on young men and women. They are "the leaves that fall louder than backfire, all orange and halloween red .I'm glad he cleared that up for us.

One which I feel will benefit from a few more listens but  in the meantime here are a couple of tunes to be going on with.

Admiral Fallow - Tree Bursts

Admiral Fallow - Guest of the Government


  1. Everything I've heard by these guys I've heard on your pages and I always enjoy their stuff. It's about time I pulled my socks up and investigated further.

  2. They are fab, can't believe they aren't bigger / more well known.

  3. I thought charity shops replaced greengrocers, not the other way around. Or is it one of those posh greengrocers with plenty or artichoke and pak choi but no bloody potatoes?

    I like Admiral Fallow. Never found any of their records in a charity shop though... or a greengrocers.

    1. I haven't been it but I suspect it is the latter given in is called Zucchini

  4. Too much going on at the moment but I liked both these tracks so will investigate Admiral Fallow next year when things have quietened down. Hadn't heard anything by them previously

  5. I've always enjoyed Admiral Fallow when I've caught them live, but for some reason or other, the music when played on CD or vinyl struggles to resonate in the same way.