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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Jury's Out

When I came across Moloko's Things to Make and Do for a couple of quid on holiday I swithered and then decided against purchasing.
I'd only heard the Roisin Murphy album when she is wearing the clown outfit on the cover (Overpowered apparently - had to look it up) and didn't think it was anything special.
However, when I saw it in another shop for 50p I thought what the hell let's give it a go.
The jury is out to be honest - I'm not sure if it's my cup of tea.
I quite like this song and The Time is Now which I've heard before but can take or leave the rest.

Off to see Eleanor McEvoy tomorrow night in the Glad Cafe as part of the Glasgow Southside Festival which is more my bag
Still you don't know unless you try!

Moloko - Indigo


  1. does this festival extend to next week? Friday, perhaps?

  2. Afraid not
    This week is the second week of two

  3. Looks like we'll have to do something else then.....