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Sunday 19 May 2013

Blind Willie McTell

I woke up one night last week whilst on holiday thinking I need to post some Blind Willie McTell on the old blog.
Sad I know but once it was in my head it required to be actioned.
I've got  a splendid 4 disc set The Classic Years 1927 -1940. I was just going to purchase a one CD Best of  but those thoughtful people at Red Lick quite rightly  pointed out  the error of my ways and steered me to the box set. Fine, fine people -a true public service.
I was also trying , unsuccessfully to find the Bob Dylan track in Blind Willie's honour. However, even better here is the stonking version from the Dream Syndicate, fronted by the legend that is Steve Wynn,from Rough Trade Country 1

Blind Willie McTell - Let Me Play With Yo' Yo-yo

Blind Willie McTell - Lay Some Flowers on my Grave

The Dream Syndicate - Blind Willie McTell


  1. I have the Blind Willie McTell track by Mr. D. Do you still need it?

  2. That would be appreciated VS -cheers
    George - the short answer is yes

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  4. This might seem like a dumb question, CC, but your email address as posted is:


    Is 'muisc' intentional or a typo?

    Once you confirm, I'll email tonight.