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Monday, 20 May 2013

Mexican Monday 6

Having been chastised for the somewhat tenuous connection of the Cake track on Mexican Monday 5 you may think that posting something by the Chieftains would be equally tenuous - but you would be wrong there.
San Patricio is a concept album by the Chieftains and various others primarily Ry Cooder who lets face it you would expect to feature in a Mexican themed series.
The Saint Patrick's Battalion (SpanishBatall√≥n de San Patricio), formed and led by Jon Riley, was a unit of 175 to several hundred immigrants (accounts vary) and expatriates of European descent who fought as part of the Mexican Army against the United States in the Mexican-American War of 1846 to 1848. 
Reviled by the Americans as traitors and deserters they are remembered by the Mexicans and the Irish as heroes who fought bravely against an unjust and thinly veiled war of aggression.
See these Irish - they get everywhere!

What with the history lesson I'm beginning to feel a bit like a bit like Swiss Adam!

The Chieftains (with Ry Cooder) - The Sands of Mexico

The Chieftains (with Los Camperos de Valles) - El Caballo


  1. Even more damned tenuous than last Monday. And Irish too. Hell's teeth. Do you know of any charity shops in Stonehaven or Aberfeldy? We're there next Monday-Thursday am before heading over the that nasty west coast. And a starring role in le quiz d'Alison Arms....

  2. ...well possibly not starring....

  3. ...that first track sounds a bizarre mix of Irish and Mexicana....

  4. I've passed through but never stopped in Stonehaven
    Tink I may have been to Aberfeldy but maybe it was Aberfoyle -plenty of shops selling Tartan tat

  5. Nowt wrong with a bit of history- provides context