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Saturday, 18 May 2013

He's Lost His Voice

Tragically the Voice will not feature on our TV screens this evening as for one week only it has been trumped by the Eurovision Song Contest.
I see Bonnie Tyler is the favourite to finish last - hardly surprising really when she was waxing lyrical about Denmark when the Contest is actually in Sweden!
For those of you missing your weekly fix of Sir Tom here is a song in honour of the Great Man and then the Great Man himself.
Both songs feature Cerys Matthews and I suppose the link is that they are both Welsh as opposed to anything more sinister.
After leaving Catatonia she popped up briefly in Nashville and came up with a couple of Americana albums. I've a couple of tracks kicking about somewhere and they are not bad.She has also DJ'ed on 6 Music and apparently likes fishing.

Space (with Cerys Matthews - The Ballad of Tom Jones

Tom Jones (with Cerys Matthews ) - Baby It's Cold Outside

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