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Friday, 24 May 2013

A Couple of Caitlins

First up is Caitlin Cary who featured in the Whiskeytown song Matrimony featured on the recent  World Whisky Day post.
After leaving Whiskeytown she came up with some sole albums including 2002's "While You Weren't Looking" which features this song although I have it on Only Love Can Break Your Heart an Uncut compilation from July 2003.
She also did a good album with Thad Cockrell "Begonias"

Caitlin Cary - Please Don't Hurry Your Heart

Next up, and slightly more up to date, is Caitlin Rose from the 2010 album "Own Side Now"
Her new album "The Stand-In" is on my ever growing wish list.
She is definitely one to watch I reckon

Caitlin Rose - Learnin' to Ride

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