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Saturday, 11 May 2013

The Voice

Those of you living in the UK are currently being subjected to a "talent" show called The Voice as part of the BBC's Saturday night "entertainment"
The title gives it away essentially a talent show with judges and audience participation to identify a new singing sensation.
However I have news for Sir Tom, Jessie J , (Twat.u.r) and the wee Irish boy who nobody knows - you are wasting your (and our) time.

THE VOICE is already out there and belongs to Ms Kelly Hogan.
I know that Ernie Goggins from 27 Leggies will back me up on this.

And here is the proof, as if proof was needed

Kelly Hogan - I'll Go To My Grave loving You


  1. Ernie's not wrong there, is he?

  2. He certainly isn't. Hopefully this will help spread the word