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Wednesday 2 April 2014

Sleepy Australians

I don't really have too many records by Australian artists. Nick Cave, The Go- Betweens, The Saints and Kasey Chambers immediately spring to mind but I'm sure I can come up with others if I try.
I bought Lovers a 2003 record by The Sleepy Jackson for 99p the other day.
I thought I had vaguely heard of them but perhaps I was getting confused with erstwhile Belle and Sebastian honcho Stevie Jackson as in the brilliantly named " I Cant Get No Stevie Jackson".
However it turns out to have been a good call as the album is not bad at all with an interesting variety of songs.
The Australian connection? Turns out that they are from Perth, Western Australia and are named after their former drummer who was narcoleptic.
Luke Steele appears to be the songwriter and the main man with a number of his family members making an appearance.
Worth checking out.

The Sleepy Jackson - Vampire Racecourse

The Sleepy Jackson - Come to This

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