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Monday 14 April 2014

Tartan Texans -Alan Eaglesham & FreeLoader

A series on Scottish acts who have (in my opinion) been influenced, however tenuously, by Americana/Alt Country/call it what you will.

This week's featured artists are Alan Eaglesham and FreeLoader.
Not to be confused with the Freeloaders an electronic band, Freeloader from Watton, Norfolk who play 60's and 70's stuff, Freeloader a northern band with a southern sound or acid jazz band Freddie and the Freeloaders.
I've very little gen on Alan Eaglesham and FreeLoader .
I've seen them live a couple of times and have their 1999 album Turn of the Century on SO Purple Records

The band consisted of 
Alan Eaglesham - vocals, acoustic and rhythm guitars, harmonica and keyboards
Brian McGonigal - Electric and Acoustic guitar
Stuart Allison - Bass Guitar
Mark Cassidy -Drums and Percussion

I played the album recently  for the first time in ages and was pleasantly surprised as to how good it is
The tracks I have selected have a shade of early REM to them (particularly the title track) but there is definitely also a country feel to them.
A good re-discovery.

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