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Sunday 13 April 2014

Southern Soul Sunday 28

We've had two Arthurs featured recently on SSS so it is only fair that we have a second Bettye - in this case Ms Swann as opposed to Ms LaVette.
She was born Betty Jean Chapman in Shreveport, Louisiana in 1944 and is thankfully still with us.
Her first hit was in 1965 with Don't Wait to Long  and then she had a number of other hits in the mid 60's on the Capitol label including 1967 with Make Me Yours
Her Capitol recordings were re-released as an anthology entitled Bettye Swann on the Honest Jon label in 2004
There is a collection of her Money Recordings on Kent from 2001 and her Complete Atlantic Sessions on Rhino from 2014.
You should make it your business to own at least one of these records.
Plus, as Scott on the ever excellent Spools Paradise has pointed out, it is excellent music for a hangover!

Bettye Swann -Just Because You Can't be Mine

Bettye Swann - Time To Say Goodbye


  1. "Just Because...." what a terrific track. Absolutely splendid. Well done

  2. There is warmth about Swann's voice. She could sing any old pap and make it wonderful but luckily she didn't have to as the ones she picked that weren' her own compositions were all top notch.

  3. Thanks for the mention CC. "Just Because" is just glorious. Such a beautiful voice Bettye Swann has.