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Saturday, 19 April 2014


I am currently reading Psychoraag by Suhayl Saadi described by one critic as a cross between Trainspotting and Salman Rushdie's Midnight Children.
It is the story of  Scots Asian DJ Raf's final  graveyard shift from midnight to 6 (man!) on the last night on air of Glasgow's Radio Chaandi.
Raj is musing about his life and life in general, He is also musing as to why it is described as a graveyard shift when all the graveyards are  closed during these hours!
I'm only one hour into his six hour shift so far but it is an interesting read.
Also interestingly the book gives a full playlist and discography of all the music that Raj plays on the show.
Although this includes bands such as the Kinks , Primal Scream and Kula Shaker it is mainly Asian artists most of whom are unfamiliar to me.
The first two tracks however are tracks one and two from Asian Dub Foundation's tremendous 1998 album Rafi's Revenge which sits proudly on the CCM shelves
And here they are

Asian Dub Foundation - Naxalite

Asian Dub Foundation - Buzzin'

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