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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Hit The Jackpot

I first came across Jackpot on Awesome " a compilation of American bands on a Dutch label named after a German town"-namely Munich Records.
I was so impressed that I immediately tracked down their 2001 album weightless

Jackpot are from " the small wooded mountain town" of Placerville, California
Awesome describes their music as "lazy,listless and yet so energetic with it's smalltown boredom and yearning for something more. Swaying,catchy, poppy and delicious"
In 2001 the band consisted of Rusty Miller  - guitar vocals and fabulous song writing, Sheldon Cooney on bass and Dave Brockman on drums.

More tracks from Awesome at a later date I suspect.
In the meantime forget your finals and let's get naked.

Jackpot - La La Land

Jackpot - Bottlecapwindchimes

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