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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Talent Show

I bought a Billy Talent album in a charity shop in Hamilton the other day.
Now there is a school of thought which says that I am too old for this sort of stuff but this is not a view that  I  subscribe to.
Billy Talent is not a person. They are a band, and a Canadian band at that.
I've seen them described as melodious punk which to some might seem an oxymoron. They are also loud.
They started out as Pezz until a legal wrangle led them to changing their name to Billy Talent.
This is their first album as Billy Talent from 2003.It was followed up by Billy Talent II, then Billy Talent III and the more adventurously named Dead Silence.
It is loud and fairly relentless and intense but it is none the worse for that.
Oh, and did I mention it's loud?

Billy Talent - Living in the Shadows

Billy Talent - Line & Sinker

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