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Monday, 27 June 2022

Keeping Up with the Digital Joneses -5



It's ladies day on Digital Joneses this week

We start with Beverley who was from Coventry and who enjoyed a modicum of success in the 60s and who sadly died aged 66 in 2012 .At some stage she teamed up with London band the Prestons and recorded the song Hear You Talking. This song made an appearance on the Ace compilation Destroy That Boy! - More Girls with Guitars which has featured on these pages before

Beverley Jones with the Prestons -Hear You Talking


I haven't been able to find out that much about September Jones .It seems that she was a Northern Soul singer who has also appeared on Ace with her song I'm Coming Home which was originally released on Kapp Records in 1966. Not to be confused with September Jones the overarching antagonist of the entire Death Race franchise

September Jones - I'm Coming Home


Janie Jones was immortalised by a song with the same name on the Clash's debut album.
She was a 60's pop singer in London but achieved fame as a brothel keeper jailed for her involvement in  a BBC Radio 1 sex for airplay  payola scanda

Here is the lady herself backed by members of the Clash and the Blockheads with House of the Juju Queen


  1. Excellent selection CC, many thanks. Beverley is a new name to me, I have the September track presumably from the same Ace source as you

  2. Surprisingly, that Janie Jones has not put me off chewing my cud

  3. Is that Flaco playing on Stacey Earle's Good-by? (Asking for Anita)

  4. "A BBC Radio 1 sex for airplay payola scandal".

    I can't imagine anything like that ever happening at The Nation's Favourite.