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Monday, 6 June 2022

Keeping Up with the Digital Joneses 2


Paul "Wine " Jones

Three more Joneses for you today from assorted genres.

Paul "Wine" Jones was one of the many Mississippi Hill Country Bluesmen brought to the world's attention in their latter years by Fat Possum Records. He released three albums on Fat Possum - Mule in 1995, Pucker Up Buttercup in 1999 and the posthumous Stop Arguing Over Me in 2006 following his death from cancer at the age of 59 in 2005. Rob and Steal is taken from a Mojo compilation The Black Keys present the Hill Country Blues.

I don't have the same level of information about Lee Jones and the Sounds of Soul other than this blurb from You Tube

While the Masqueraders were recording for Chips Moman at his American Sound Studio in Memphis, their output was being leased for distribution on the Wand and Bell labels during this time. In order to avoid a contract hassle with the distributing labels, Moman recorded the Masqueraders on the Dan Penn, Lincoln Oldham song, On The Other Side, and credited the song as Lee Jones And The Sounds Of Soul, released on the Bell subsidiary label, Amy. Lee Jones was the lead singer of the Masqueraders at the time and the Sounds Of Soul were the other members of the group. It became a one-off recording as the incognito Masqueraders!

Taken from another excellent Ace compilation The Soul of the Memphis Boys here

Heather Jones is a Welsh singer - bio here The song Penrhyn Gwyn is taken from Welsh Rare Beat a 2005 compliation of Welsh prog rock on Finders Keepers Records available here .There is also a Volume Two

Another tough call but it is the Wine for me this week

Paul "Wine" Jones - Rob & Steal

Lee Jones & the Sounds of Soul - On the Other Side

Heather Jones - Penrhyn Gwyn


  1. You 've posted Lee Jones twice. It's a splendid track, and to post it a second time is no bad thing

    1. Oops - too many Joneses
      Will sort it later today

    2. Sorted - I know you are all eager to hear some Welsh Prog

  2. Would you be surprised to know that I have that Welsh prog album?

  3. I'm not sure "Wine" is a great name for a blues singer. Bit too close to "whine".

    Good tune though.