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Thursday, 23 June 2022



Girls at Our Best! were one of the many, many bands that passed me by at the time. A post punk band from Leeds they were only on the go from 1979-1982 releasing only one album during this period Pleasure on Happy Birthday Records in 1981 which reached number 60 in the UK albums charts.

I would have probably remained ignorant about them were it not for blogging where fortunately I have stumbled across them on a number of occassions.

Cherry Red have just released a de-luxe version of Pleasure consisting of 3 discs  - i) Pleasure plus Singles and Radio Sessions, ii) Live at Edinburgh University 02/11/81 plus demos and iii) Live at the Peppermint Lounge 06/11/81 bootleg.

It is probably more than you really need but it is good to see them getting some belated recognition.

Girls at Our Best! - Pleasure

Girls at Our Best! - Fast Boyfriends

Girls at Our Best! -Getting Nowhere Fast


  1. I've been listening to Pleasure for decades now and it always brings a massive grin to my face, would agree that there really isn't any need to have more GAOB, but anything that spreads the word is a good thing

  2. A bloody wonderful album, which makes my decision to sell my LP (complete with original goodie bag) some years ago utterly baffling. It must've been a moment of madness...or poverty.

  3. I'm thinking surely I must have heard them a good few times? - and yet I never owned anything by them nor could remember any song titles. These sound great now and just so 1981 (perhaps that's why!)

  4. This one would be in my on CD and vinyl series... complete with goody bag. Still listen regularly. — Brian

  5. One that I bought on vinyl when it was reissued last year on Optic didn't, however, include the live stuff in the Cherry Red CD reissue.