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Monday, 28 March 2022

Young America


Young America by The Poems is one of those albums that is the stuff of legend

The album was originally released on CD back in 2006 and I can remember Drew  contacting Bobby Bluebell (who appears on the album) on Twitter on  a number of occassions to ask if and when the album was coming out on vinyl.

Finally LNFG stepped up to the plate and have recently released it on vinyl as part of their Past Night Form Glasgow side project

Rough Trade writes Originally released on CD in 2006. (Has it really been 15 years?) The Poems were Robert Hodgens (the Bluebells), Bobby Paterson, Adrian Barry, Kerry Polwart (Karine's wee sister), RossMcFarlane and Andy May.

The album also features guest contributions from the likes of Isabel Campbell, Norman Blake and Justin Currie.

Alarm magazine is complimentary comparing them to the Go-Betweens. I can also hear shades of Motorcycle Boy in places.

I bought it on spec having not heard any of the songs but having read and heard universal praise and I'm really glad I did as it is an absolute belter. You should do so too.

The Poems -Sometimes, Somewhere, Someone Shoul Say Something


  1. After Drew wrote about it a couple of years ago, I started looking around for the CD and found a used copy that very day at my local shop for only a few bucks. I’m trying very hard not to buy records I already have, but this one has been most difficult to pass up because the label does such a great job with these reissues. It’s a really good record that deserves a second life since not all that many had access to it the first time around. Funny how it ended up on Minty Fresh out of Chicago. Must be a story there.

  2. I need to get on board with this. So many people praising it.

  3. I really enjoyed listening to this record as written on my page a couple of weeks ago. One of the best findings in re-releases this year so far.

  4. Drew was kind enough to fire over a copy of the CD to me a while back...and almost by divine intervention, LNFG announced two days later that it was being reissued in vinyl. It is a very fine listen.