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Wednesday 2 March 2022

Heat Treatment


We were away for a couple of days last week and had the excitement of being snowed in in Aberfeldy.

The charity shops of Perthshire and Stirlingshire were duly visited  but there were no purchases in Crieff, Callander or Aucherarder. Dunblane was ever worse with no CDs or records at all in the charity shop.

Given the dearth of charity purchases I suppose it is now time to feature some of the goodies that I picked up  from Twitter legens  @unclewald at a recent record fair in Phillies pub in the Glasgow suburb of Shawlands.

I've been looking to plug the gaps in my Graham Parker & the Rumour vinyl section for a while. I even picked up a copy of their 1976 debut Howlin' Wind only to find out I already had it. My work in progress database should put pay to any such future bloomers.

My database was able to comfirm that their second album Heat Treatment also from 1976 and also on the Vertigo label was missing and it was duly purchased. Only Squeezing Out Sparks to go.

No surprises here -it  is the usual blend of pub rock/rhythm and blues that the band were noted for. I was familier with these two tracks from the 1980 Best Of album which is a great introduction to the band.


  1. We may have to do Squeezing out Sarks as part of our vinyl sessions later in the year; you must come down if we do!

    1. Heat Treatment is good, SoS is better. Just thought I'd clear that up!

  2. All the ones with the Rumour are good John
    Who knows I may make Nottingham some day.
    Only been there once - to see Steve Earle at Rock City

  3. Here to show some love for 'The Up Escalator' too. You say you found a charity shop without any CDs while on your travels? Blimey. A couple of my local charity shops have actually stopped accepting CDs for the time being, because they already have so many in stock. All crap though, obvs.

  4. Did The Swede really just say "obvs"?

    What is the world coming to.

    I finished cataloging my CDs using the Discogs app, which is proving invaluable whenever I'm in a charity shop.

    1. For some strange reason I didn't go for Discogs and started my own fairly convoluted database.A retirement project to keep my mind and limited IT skills active

  5. Hi there
    Long time reader, rarely comment though. Squeezing out Sparks is the only lp of Graham Parker I have and would happily send it on since I'm not sure I've listened to it in a decade or two... Always preferred Howlin Wind anyway so could swap. I'd need to check the condition since some of my vinyl isn't so great but anyhow, yours if you want it.

    1. Hi
      Thanks for dropping by and thanks for the generous offer. Hopefully I'll pick it up on my travels. If not I know where to come!
      I'm afraid Howlin' Wind has gone. I gave it to a pal for his birthday