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Saturday 26 March 2022

Seen at King Tuts - The Montrose Avenue


The Montrose Avenue

Wednesday 25th February 1998       £4.00                   Ticket No  00134

i was aware that I had a copy of the CD single of Where Do I Stand? but quite surprised to discover that I had a digital copy of  She's Looking For Me and a CD copy of their album Thirty Days Out which my filing system tells me was purchased in a Paisley charity shop a good few years later.

Not from the Angus town of Montrose but from Wokingham in Berkshire  The Montrose Avenue (don't forget the The) were very briefly an indie rock/pop band.

They were signed to Columbia.  She's Looking For Me was released in 1997 and reached  the dizzy heights of  number 118 in the UK singles charts.Where Do I Stand? was released in March 1998 and was their only top 40 hit peaking at 38 . I suspect that hearing it on the radio enticed me to go and see them. The ticket price of £4.00 probably helped.

The album was released on 12th October 1998  and reached 102 in the charts. They were more  popular in Japan where it reached number 69 . They never released another album and disbanded in 1999.

I've just given the album a listen and it is perfectly pleasant but nothing startling. For me Where Do I Stand? is the obvious stand out and puts me in mind of the Gin Blossoms.

I have no recollection of or nothing by Ether.

The Montrose Avenue -Where Do I Stand?

The Montrose Avenue -She's Looking For Me

The Montrose Avenue - Thirty Days Out


  1. I thought there might a Montrose Avenue in Wokingham. There is not. Neither is there one nearby Reading. Or anywhere near Wokingham.

    1. Too much time on your hands!

    2. Pretty sure there isn’t an Avenenue in either place, Montrose or otherwise

  2. There's a Montrose Road in Sheffield, it's quite near me actually - pretty suburban and I once acted as guarantor for my youngest lad who rented a house from Montrose Properties in South Manchester. As for the songs here none of them grabbed me I'm afraid