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Monday 14 March 2022

Thunder and Fire


That's the latest batch of charity purchases exhausted so it is back to another one picked up at the recent record fair at Phillies.

Thunder and Fire from 1989 and on the A&M label is an album by Country Rockers Jason and the Scorchers and is the second one of theirs I have picked up from that source Lost and Found being the other one back in 2019.
Despite playing shows with Bob Dylan to promote the album it wasn't a commercial success. Indeed despite releasing a number of decent albums they never really made that jump. The band subsequently broke up after this album prior to reforming in the mid 90s.

I think that Bible and a Gun, which was co-written with Steve Earle, may jump slightly in places so be way of compensation I'm throwing in the version from Jason Ringenberg's 2002 solo album All Over Creation.
I've seen Jason performing solo on a couple of occasions but sadly I have never seen the Scorchers

Jason & the Scorchers -When the Angels Cry

Jason & the Scorchers -Bible and a Gun

Jason Ringenberg (with Steve Earle) - Bible and a Gun


  1. Ooh, I thought it was going to be a new series - A compare and contrast songs about Thunder and Fire. Fire songs yes but maybe not too many Thunder ones. A challenge?

  2. Always a pleasure listening to Mr. Ringenberg and his Scorchers. And as Alyson said maybe the start of a new series/challenge?

  3. I'll have a look - not promising anything though!

  4. Surely it'd make more sense to compare thunder with lightning? Ice with fire? Bread with fishes?

    Ignore me. I'm extra grumpy this week.

  5. Pete from Minnesota15 March 2022 at 01:06

    Just off the top of my head: Thunder Road, Thunder & Lightning, Thunder Island, Thunderstruck....Well, 3 out of 4 there anyway.

  6. Was also just thinking those words are not the best for now, considering what's going on in Europe. And as Rol said, not words that go together really so does't make sense for a compare and contrast series. I always enjoyed those series though as I ended up listening to songs properly that might not normally have grabbed my attention.