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Sunday, 1 August 2021

Keep it Together


The Missing Records Haul - The Sunshine Delay - Keep it Together

The final CD in the Missing Records Haul is Keep it Together a 2011 album by Edinburgh Country Band The Sunshine Delay which I think may be self -released.

They are probably one of the acts that I've seen live the most as in the late 90's/early 00's when I was in my gig going prime any Americana act playing King Tuts were invariably supported by them, The Felsons or The Radio Sweethearts.
I have an eponymous mini CD album from 2001 and  a CD single Country Crush from 2002.

The 2011 line up is Paula McKee (vocals, acoustic guitar), David McKee (vocals,bass), Iain Barbour (guitars, lap steel) and Brendan O'Brien (drums)
A decade on the sound is maybe a bit more polished and mature than there earlier stuff and maybe slightly more mainstream.
One I shall be retaining for nostalgic purposes.

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