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Saturday, 7 August 2021

Oh! You Pretty Things


As is my want when I am on holiday I picked up the latest Mojo magazine with the accompanying CD Oh! You Pretty Things billed as 15 tracks which explore the chamber pop legacy of Hunky Dory as it looked quite interesting.

However, after I couple of listens I must say that I am pretty underwhelmed which is disappointing as the artists listed by and large looked promising.

Never fear though, you can always rely on Aimee Mann to come up with the goods. Good For Me is taken from her 2017 album Mental Illness her 9th album and as things stand her last.Winner of the Grammy Award for Best Folk Album 2018.

I can't say that I am at all familiar with Destroyer  a band from Vancouver fronted by Dan Bejar. Crimson Tide a song from their 2020 album Have We Met has sufficiently intruiged me to try and find out more about them.

I've never really been a fan of John Grant and have nothing by him apart from the occassional download here and there but I must confess that I rather enjoyed The Cruise Room a song from his recently released album  Boy From Michegan

Maybe some of the others will grow on me.


  1. I felt like Dan Bejar's songs during his time with the New Pornographers were the weaker ones on their albums. I have dipped in and out of his Destroyer discography since the album Your Blues in 2004. I bring this up because the song that got me interested was the opener Notorious Lightning, and the build of that song (especially around the 3:30 mark) has always reminded me of David Bowie.

    As for Aimee, she will never let you down. In fact, I heard a new song from her this morning that has me ready to buy her next album.

  2. Didn't click that Dan Bejar was in the NPs Brian

  3. Bejar was on several of those NP albums. I think he left after Together. By then Destroyer was a pretty big deal. As I said, preferred AC Newman’s songs to Bejar’s, but Bejar’s quirkiness worked for me from time to time.

  4. I like Destroyer. And obviously the other two.

    Aimee's new song is lovely... despite the Morrissey-esque title...