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Friday, 20 August 2021

20 Mothers


It's been a wee while since the Arch Druid has graced these pages so here is Julian Cope with a couple of songs from his 12th solo album 20 Mothers from 1995 on the Echo label.
Described by the man himself as an album of love songs and devotional songs ranging from pagan rock'n'roll through to sci-fi pop to bubblegum trance music. In short just your average Julian Cope album then.
I was minded to post something by him after a recent rummage through my ticket tin revealed that I have seen him not once but twice at Glasgow's Barrowland. He always puts on a good show. Rol's Saturday Snapshot's Triple Word Score was also an inspiration

Wheelbarrow Man an expression of pure unmitigated joy was written after Cope had spoken to his estranged brother for the first time in years.We haven't spoken since mind you.
Try, Try, Try  the only single on the album was written about his mother who has shown little, if any, interest in his career.

The album cover is a photo by Jill Furmanovsky and perhaps not surpringly is a pictue of 20 mothers. If you are wondering who they all are wonder no more

Oh and if you are wondering who is left holding the babies wonder no more

Julian Cope -Wheebarrow Man

Julian Cope - Try Try Try


  1. Great pair of songs- as you say, 'your average Julian Cope album', as if there is such a thing.

  2. As a Julian Cope post pops up at least every fortnight on my blog, I'm going to be a tad biased but 20 Mothers is a very good album. Thanks also for sharing the feature/introduction to the @0 Mothers themselves. Dorian is unmistakable and I was a fan of Jill Frost in Strawberry Switchblade. After owning the album for over 25 years, a big surprise to find that it's Jayne Casey in the angel wings at the back, but seems so obvious now I know who it is...