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Wednesday, 4 August 2021

Just an American Boy


2021 Charity Shop Purchases 52 - John Cougar - The Collection

In October last year Mrs CC came in with a couple of singles by John Couger namely Jack and Diane and Hurts So Good here

I have never knowingly heard anything else by him so I thought that a punt of 50p for a cheap and cheerful CD called the Collection in the BRICC shop in Ballantrae was in order.

Although the CD on Castle is from 1986  (probably on the the back of Jack and Diane) it seems to concentrate on the mid 70's when he was starting out and being billed as John Cougar as opposed to John Mellencamp or even John "Cougar " Mellencamp.

It's pretty basic stuff including a number of covers and what I would describe as Springsteen lite attempts at stadium anthems. Oh, and a bit of patriotism thrown in for good measure.

Mrs CC seems to like it otherwise it would not be a keeper

John Cougar -American Dream

John Cougar - American Son


  1. He had his moments, although not many. Is 'Cherry Bomb' on there? I quite like that one

  2. "Springsteen lite attempts at stadium anthems. "
    This does not encourage me to give the tracks a listening

  3. Early stuff is fun. Mid-80s is where he gets really good. Scarecrow is his best album from that time, when he really found his own voice and stopped trying to be a stadium rocker after that...

  4. "Rain on the Scarecrow" is a fine song.

  5. Springsteen lite is a good call. Thought American Dream was passable though - nicked it anyway! Don't know much beyond Jack and Diane which fair play to him is a nailed on classic.