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Friday, 13 August 2021

Elementary My Dear Watson


Apropos of nothing when I was watching the football the other night the phrase "elementary my dear Watson" popped into my head. This in turn led me to thinking what artists with the name Watson I had music by and whether there was a post in there somewhere. Yes, the football was that good.

It turns out that there were a few and some are featured below.
Let's start with Helen Watson with her version of the Dan Penn and Spooner Oldham classic Out of Left Field which can be found on her1997 album Somersault on Fledg'ling Records which is well worth having.

I saw Dale Watson play in a bar in Austin once. There were only about a dozen folk in the bar with about half watching him. Then an update on some development in the Gulf War came on the telly leading to everyone watching it. Dale subsequently abandoned his show.

The Watson Twins (Chandra and Leigh) are probably best known for appearing with Jenny Lewis on the Rabbit Fur Coat album. They have however recorded in their own right including this  song from their 2005 album Southern Manners

Let's go funky with Johnny "Guitar" Watson.

It's only fair that old Sherlock gets a nod as well as his sidekick Watson so we end with some Bluesy Gospel Soul courtesy of The Holmes Brothers. 


  1. Back in my younger rock reporting days, I wrote about a band called My Dear Watson from North East Scotland They were originally known as Johnny And The Copycats and later changed their name to Spiggy Topes.

  2. Your Holmes Brothers link gives us Johnny Guitar Watson

    1. Oops
      I shall rectify that later

    2. 3000 posts in you would think I could do this right!

    3. It's the general incompetence that some find endearing

  3. I am just here to say that I really love this little blog over here in the cornfields if Illinois. I have discovered a lot of great tunes and artists. Cheers to you

  4. Dale Watson was my first thought, mainly because there's a great line in this Harald Thune song where he sing, "Don't be giving me Celine Dion - put on a Dale Watson song!"

    I'm impressed you've seen him live, if only for half a set.

    I also found Doc Watson and Young John Watson, both rather skilled on the guitar.