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Sunday, 29 August 2021

No Depression #34 = Patty Loveless


No Depression - The Bi-monthly Journal of Alt- Country
#34 -  July -August 2001

The third issue of No Depression on the shelves is the first to cause me some hard work as I know very little about Patty Loveless. I had always assumed that she was more mainstream country. This belief was reinforced as I could find nothing on the Americana shelves but a couple of tracks on the mainstream Country shelves on compilations called Women in Country and O Sister Where Art Thou.

On reading the main article Down From the Mountain her inclusion becomes clearer and the sub -title Patty Loveless ventures deep into the valley of her homegrown soul
Mountain Soul  was released in June 21 In an effort to control her own destiny, rather than be controlled by country radio, Loveless made an abrupt move away from commercial, country/pop and made a stone-cold Bluegrass album in 2001. Mountain Soul was released to numerous critical accolades and sold decently despite a lack of radio support. 
It's not one that I am familiar with but the track The Boys Are Back in Town features on one of the compilations. Not to be confused with Thin Lizzy

Similarly I know very little about the other artists namechecked on the front cover namely Robert Earl Keen, Rhonda Vincent and Scott Miller. Of these the only one who rang a vague bell was Scott Miller who I have a couple of tracks by by him and his band the Commonwealth. and also stuff from the band the V-Roys of which he was a member.As a public service I acquired a copy of his 2017 album Ladies Auxiliary so named as all the musicians who accompany him are women. The things I do for you.

We are back on safer ground next time round.


  1. You ought to check out Robert Earl Keen, he's part of the Texas mafia and buddies with the likes of Joe Ely and Lyle Lovett. I'll do a post on him some time next week especially for you.

    I guess Scott Miller was featured because "Thus Always To Tyrants" had just come out. That's a pretty good album. I saw him live around that them, I think he was supporting Steve Earle or someone like that but not 100% sure.

  2. I second Robert Earl Keen - and my favourite song of his:

    1. I'm familiar with that one but couldn't tell you who sung it!