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Thursday, 12 August 2021

Get Happy!!


The other day while my laptop was taking an eternity to warm up I gave Get Happy!! by Elvis Costello and the Attractions its first airing in the longest while.

From 1980 on F-Beat it was Elvis' 4th album and his third with the Attractions. I think it may well have been the first of his albums that I ever bought but obviously I have long since acquired its predecessors.

It was a bit of a change in direction (the first of many) being heavily influenced by R&B,Ska and Soul.It was critically well received and if often quoted as various people's favourite Elvis album. Not me though, that would by Blood and Chocolate

It was produced by Nick Lowe with the artwork by Barney Bubbles. Unusually for the time it contained 20 tracks, 10 on each side. Somewhat confusingly the record sleeve does not match what's on the actual record as the sides are reversed so although Motel Matches is listed on the cover as being on Side 1 it is actually on Side 2 with the opposite applying to Man Called Uncle.
I'm not playing so you are getting them in the order on the cover.

Elvis Costello & the Attractions - Motel Matches

Elvis Costello & the Attractions - Man Called Uncle


  1. Imperial Bedroom is my absolute favourite Elvis album, followed by Blood and Chocolate, King of America, then this one. All subject to change on any given day of course!

  2. Just a hair more than six years ago we voted for our favorite Costello albums at my place. Each of us gave our top five with our favorite getiing five points, second favorite getting four points, etc. Here were the top 7 when the dust settled.

    1. Blood and Chocolate
    2. Get Happy!!
    3. King of America and Armed Forces
    5. This Year's Model
    6. My Aim Is True
    7. Imperial Bedroom

    Here is how you voted back then: Blood and Chocolate, King of America, Armed Forces, My Aim Is True, Imperial Bedroom

    And here was the Swede: Imperial Bedroom, King of America, Blood and Chocolate, Armed Forces, This Year's Model

  3. I vaguely remember that Brian!
    Thanks for digging this out
    How did you vote?

  4. My top two will probably never change. After that, might be some jockeying for position.

    Get Happy!! King of America, This Year's Model, Armed Forces, Imperial Bedroom

    In case he stops by, here was George's...

    King Of America, Blood and Chocolate, Brutal Youth, My Aim is True, and Armed Forces

  5. Plenty more results if others should happen to stop by. I'll check in again this evening.

  6. Armed Forces! I forgot Armed Forces.... Good to see that my top 3 are still set in stone 6 years later.

  7. Get Happy! I absolutely my favorite Elvis Costello album...It ranks very high in my all time favorites list as well.