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Monday, 1 June 2020

Heaven or Hell 6

Heaven knows we're not miserable now.
We're in heaven when we smile as the Dramatics beat Red Star Belgrade by 6-4 and notch up Heaven's first points on the scoreboard.
Is it a flash in the pan or after a faltering start are they now on a charge? We shall see.

This week I'm pitching R.E.M up against ..... R.E.M.

Near Wild Heaven  v Burning Hell
Out of Time v Fables of the Reconstruction
Warner Brothers v I.R.S
Mainstream v Indie
1991 v1985

In which direction are we going this week folks?
The Choice is Yours.

R.E.M. - Near Wild Heaven

R.E.M. - Burning Hell


  1. Despite all y better instincts I'm going with Near Wild Heaven.

    1. It will be interesting Adam - I suspect some others may follow your example

    2. My first reaction was Hell. But I've just given them another listen, and I've surprised myself by (just) going for Heaven.

  2. For four of your five choices I would tick the right hand option. Unfortunately this is the exception, so it is Heaven for me

  3. Burning Hell was just a throwaway joke attempt at heavy metal, according to Peter Buck. He's right, it's rubbish. Near Wild Heaven is a proper song, and a rather lovely one at that. That gets my vote.

    Which if all the other weeks I've voted are anything to go by, means Burning Hell will now romp home to victory!

  4. Yes, definitely Heaven for me too. Burning Hell just doesn't work for REM at all, in my opinion.

  5. It is Heaven for me too. As Alyson said, Burning Hell isn't a song that fit to REM

  6. Definitely heaven! Hell made me smile, though, as I'm trying to imagine them strutting their stuff in long curly wigs and leathers to a backdrop of bikini-clad models clambering over the bonnet of a sports car and I just about managed it.

  7. Heaven for me too, no contest. It's a rout this week unless Cambridge Analytica get wind of it and put their gang in to subvert things at the death