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Tuesday 16 June 2020

The American in Me

Going Down to Laurel by Steve Forbert from his 1978 debut album Alive on Arrival popped up on the i-pod the other day and I surprised myself by singing along word perfect.
I thought about posting it but it has been on  here before and there are three other Steve Forbert albums on the shelves which are probably due an airing.
So here are a couple from 1992's The American in Me the most modern one I have.Not as good as his earlier offerings but these two just about pass muster
All bought cheaply from Echo in Byres Road many moons ago.
I wasn't sure that I'd seen him live but my pal was adamant that we saw him once  in Edinburgh. Sure enough my ticket tin confirms that  we saw him in the Subway in the Cowgate which has given me an idea for a mini-series

Steve Forbert - Responsibility

Steve Forbert - The American in Me


  1. My favourite Steve Forbert LP. When I saw him at The Mean Fiddler around this time, he deliberately kept the volume very low in an attempt to stop the chitter chatter and ensure everyone was paying full attention.

  2. I never really get much beyond Romeo's Tune when I think of Steve Forbert, to be fair though I don't think of him that often