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Friday 5 June 2020

Random Acts of Musical Kindness 2

The other day on Twitter I see a post from Lloyd Merideth head honcho of Glasgow record label Olive Grove
He was offering to pop a  free random CD through the letterboxes of folk in nearby areas of Glasgow's Southside while out for his daily Government sanctioned  walk.
I thought I might be out the catchment area but I dropped him a line just in case.
He got back to me straightaway to say he was reasonably close and  that he  would add me to his list.
Then last Friday I got back from work in the sweltering heat to find a lovely wrapped wee parcel in my front porch.
It was a copy of System Hold an EP by Jo Mango & Friends which was very pleasing as I have also got Wrack Lines by them. She also appears alongside A Wesley Chung  who as Circle Meets Dot are responsible for Volume 5 one of the highlights of the Archipelago series

The EP is the result of a collaboration that saw Jo team-up with internationally-renowned criminologist Professor Fergus McNeill (Emerald Publishing) to soundtrack his new book, Pervasive Punishment. More details here

Thank you Lloyd


  1. Cockles well and truly warmed by this CC!

  2. I want to live in your neighborhood.