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Thursday 18 June 2020

Devoid of Ideas

I'm struggling a little for ideas at the moment - suggestions welcome

In an act of desperation I had a quick search in my hard drive for songs with idea in the title and just about managed to come up with three.

The first one will be no stranger to most of you as it is A Good Idea the second song on Sugar's masterpiece of an album Copper Blue.
The other two are a bit more obscure - to me at any rate
Pearl Charles is a singer/songwriter from Los Angeles. Wiki writes that her sound is a melding of  1960's rock and 1970's cosmic country a description which sound highly promising.
Idea to Her was a 2015 Record Day exclusive which subsequently appeared on Bandcamp I've no idea how it crossed my radar

I know how Stay Voiceless crossed my radar. Clue - they are Welsh. Answer obviously courtesy of our old pal The Robster and more than likely from his wonderful Welsh Wednesday series.
Again we turn to Wiki - born of boredom and frustration in the depths of South Wales they draw influence from the 90's alternative scene and are here to make /ruin your day.

Finally a quick search on Google takes us from a Welsh splendid racket to some Australian power pop with the title track of Orson's 2006 debut album.

Sugar - A Good Idea

Pearl Charles - Idea to Her

Stay Voiceless - These Kids Have No Idea


  1. What about a series of "50 country albums you must own"? (That is a genuine suggestion). Or 25 country albums, that would probably run to the end of the year?

  2. On a lighter note, what about 25 Fall albums you must own??????

  3. I bought that Pearl Charles album back when it came out, loved the hippie, west coast vibe of it. If I remember correctly the pressing was shit and I had to send back the vinyl a couple of times or maybe that was the Sydney ELoise one, which has quite a similar feel to it.

    re the dearth of ideas, I hear you brother but it has now extended into the years for me

  4. Seaking of Sugar and Blue, there's a blues harmonica player called Sugar Blue who played on the Rolling Stones' single "Miss You" and several other tracks on their albums "Some Girls" and "Emotional Rescue" albums.

  5. Stay Voiceless were, indeed, a Welsh Wednesday post. Nice of you to drag it out. Mate - you post EVERY SINGLE DAY! You have a lot of credit in the bank; yare allowed to have writer's block. You've earned yourself a break. Lord know's I've suffered from it more times than I care to remember, including now. Once the latest run of Welsh Wednesdays is over in a few weeks, there's nothing planned.

  6. Stick with it. Inspiration strikes eventually.

  7. There's no link for Stay Voiceless

  8. I clearly need the charity shops to re-open!

  9. If I had any suggestions, I'd be using them myself.