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Wednesday 10 June 2020

Covers 22. Stevie Wonder does Bob Dylan

George writes:
Many many weeks ago, actually the very second song in this interminable series, I posted  a Stevie Wonder cover of a Beatles song. And I’m sure CC himself made a derogatory comment about Steveland’s cover of Blowin In The Wind. And because we like a lot of the same songs I crossed it off the list. Well dear reader, it’s back, and it’s right here right now! And CC was wrong, I’d forgotten how good this is:

And you’re very lucky to have Zé Ramalho’s version for your pleasure:

Zé Ramalho is a very famous singer, in Brazil.  According to wikipedia his lyrics  “are very influenced by the socio-economic difficulties faced by the average Brazilian.” Christ, he’s got his plenty of material now that Brazil has that lunatic Bolsinaro in charge.

CC writes:  Stll think Stevie's version is poor but I like Zé's
And that folks is sadly the end of the series as George has run out of steam and inspiration.
I'm sure you'll all agree that it has been educational.
Wednesdays are going to be that bit duller from now on in.

Thanks George


  1. I for one will miss George's Wednesday input.

  2. Too much of this fan-mail and I might have to coerce CC into another series

  3. Hi George, actually we've been calling in Brazilian the Bolsonaro´s supporters GADO (COW). Ze Ramalho wrote an old song called "Admiravel Gado Novo" which relates to the book from Aldous Huxley in Brazil "Brave New World" which was translated as "Admiravel Mundo Novo". The lyrics tell us about the destiny of the common people to follow the rules as a cow (gado). Check it out the original clip There are a couple of songs that needed to be heard from him: 1) 2) or maybe this one . Those are my favourites. He is heavy influenced by Bob Dylan (folk) and mix with many rhythms from the Northeast of Brazil. He is really good :-)

    1. Enjoyed 2 and 3
      Thanks for these alvalmeida
      Apologies there may be no more Brazilian songs for a while!

  4. Enjoyed the series, George. I hope the lightning bolt strikes and we see you on these pages again. Always a pleasure.