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Friday 12 June 2020

Legendary Wild Rockers

Gentle traditional folk music yesterday legendary wild rockers today.

Keb Darge and Little Edith's Legendary Wild Rockers (subtitled a collection of rare Rockabilly, Surf and Exotica) from 2011 on the BBE label is the first in a series of compilations. I think that there may be 5 Volumes in the series.
Another one copied from the record library and one which would set you back over 20 quid were you to visit Discogs
Keb is a Scottish DJ and producer in the genres of Northern Soul, Deep Funk,Garage Punk and Rockabilly music, so an all round good  egg
I can't find a bio for Edith so hopefully someone can fill in the blanks.
The good news/bad news depending on what you think of these three tracks is that there are another seventeen to go. You will recognise the last one from a famous cover.

Ron Thompson His Rowdy Guitar & the Broughmans - Switchblade

Brother Zee & the Decadeswith the Mike Mekto Combo - Sha-Boom Bang

Ronnie Cook & the Gaylords - The Goo Goo Muck


  1. Check out Lost and Found, the Keb Darge and Cut Chemist comp which started Keb's collaboration compilations. There is also one with Weller which is okay even though some of Weller's choices are not that obscure

  2. Just added it to 'My Library'; Oh, god - how soulless does that sound?:(

    Thanks for the heads up, CC.

    Have a good weekend.


  3. Can second Drew's comment about Lost and Found.

  4. Very nice, although I'm not sure I would describe them all of them as wild.

  5. I hadn't heard that Goo Goo Much original before. I can see why now those Cramps liked it.