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Monday 15 June 2020

Heaven or Hell 8

Jonny will be delighted to know that round these parts the Aces are held in higher esteem than the Mavericks. High praise indeed.
After a mini heavenly revival we know find ourselves back down below with the scores now being
 Hell  5 Heaven  2.
After an all Country contest last week it is now Soul's turn.

In the Heaven corner we have Motown vocal group The Elgins with their most famous song Heaven Must Have Send You.
They have a tough gig given that they are up against the mighty Curtis Mayfield with (Don't Worry) If There's a Hell Below , We're All Going to Go.

Heaven or Hell, the choice is yours.

The Elgins - Heaven Must Have Sent You

Curtis Mayfied - (Don't Worry) If There's a Hell Below,We're All Going to Go


  1. Do you have some sort of grudge against The Elgins? Most weeks they would be in with a chance, but putting them in the ring with Curtis is a bit unfair.

    Just in case that wasn't clear enough - Hell.

    1. In fairness Ernie anyone up against Curtis would have a hard job on their hands

  2. Curtis gets my vote, even though the Elgins' song is fab.

  3. It's a very big ask to pitch anyone against Curtis. Hell all the way.

  4. A whitewash beckons... Curtis it is.

  5. The little-known thrawn side of me wants to vote for the Elgins, but the Curtis Mayfield song is tremendous. So my vote is for hell

  6. Heck that's a difficult one as very different styles of music - Felt like the Supremes versus Shaft (right on).

    I'm going to go against the popular vote and pick The Elgins although a close run thing. Think the intro went on just a tad too long in Curtis's song but tremendous all the same as George said.

  7. Curtis versus just about anybody would only return one victor.
    Curtis it is ...

  8. I like them both for different reasons and thought I might have to stay in Purgatory, but the devil is just so tempting... oh hell it's hell for me too.

  9. 'The devil has the best tunes' Curtis by a country mile