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Monday 29 June 2020

Heaven or Hell 10

A much closer contest that the week before  last week with Waxahatchee's Hell trumping Steve Earle and the Dukes' Heaven Ain't Going Nowhere by 6 votes to 3 or 7-3 if you count Rol's voting twice as jiggery pokery .

That makes it now Hell 7 Heaven 2 which may well be a commentary on this blog's demography.
Can Heaven redeem itself this week?
It is maybe time that we called in a Heavenly  big hitter. So here are Tavares with Heaven Must Be Missing an Angel.
But wait, let's put it up against another big hitter in the form of Neil Diamond with Hell Yeah and see what happens.

Heaven or Hell, the choice is yours.

Tavares - Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel

Neil Diamond - Hell Yeah


  1. Following a "voting is compulsory" rule, my vote goes to Tavares

  2. I expect Tavares will walk away with this one, and rightly so... but I'm going with Neil, because.

    1. Your multiple votes may be required this week!

  3. Never thought I'd be voting for Tavares one day, but here goes.

  4. Tavares in danger of doing a Curtis!

  5. Jeez. Can I spoil my ballot?

  6. Neil Diamond as one enviable song catalogue.
    (Ali Campbell didn't believe Red Red Wine was a Diamond song, thinking the writing credit for N Diamond was an old reggae artist called Nellie or Norman)
    Although the term doesn't exist, ND is something of a Guilty Pleasure.
    But it can't beat Tavares

  7. Until a few minutes ago I thought Ed Miliband was the only person who had ever uttered the words Hell Yeah. In my rock/prog rock hey day I would have scorned songs like Tavares' Heaven.....and although I've grown up a bit since (I can hear my wife giving a hollow laugh) I'm going with Neil and on the losing side again for yet another week.