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Monday 22 June 2020

Heaven or Hell 9

Well that was rhe most one-sided contest since the last North Korean presidential election.
Sincere apologies to the Elgins only Alyson saved them from a 12-0 drubbing.
In retrospect it was grossly unfair to put them (or anyone else for that matter) up against Curtis Mayfield.
The scores on the doors are now Hell 6 Heaven 2 . I think that I have just about enough material to make it first to 10 the winner.

Today we have two songs from recent albums for you to choose from. Hopefully it will be a wee bit closer that last week.
In the heavenly corner we have Heaven Ain't Going Nowhere the opening track of Ghosts of West Virginia  the latest album by Steve Earle and the Dukes which examines the role of coal mining in Appalachia and which features songs from the play Coal Country in which Earle stars.(Rolling Stone)

In the hellish corner we have  the equally powerful St Cloud by Waxahatchee where Katie Crutchfield creates a vivid modern classic of folk and Americana .(Pitchfork)

Heaven or Hell, the choice is yours.

Steve Earle & the Dukes - Heaven Ain't Going Nowhere

Waxahatchee - Hell


  1. A much tougher call than I initially thought it would be. Steve & the Dukes nudge it for me.

  2. Waxahatchee sound like one of those country groups that make perfectly pleasant but instantly forgettable songs. Steve Earle's voice is getting very croaky. But it's a vote for Heaven for me.

  3. Slightly to my surprise I'm going for Hell

  4. Waxahatchee for me. Katie improves with each record she makes and St. Cloud is one of my faves of 2020. George - give her another go. She's not a country artist at all, though her new record certainly has a country/Americana feel to it.

  5. The Waxahatchee song sounds like so many others of its genre whereas the Steve song sounds really quite unique and I like it. It’s Heaven again for me.

  6. Waxahatchee for me.
    I've just bough the album on the strength of hearing that track for the first time, and a little more exploring elsewhere

  7. I felt certain Steve would take this one, but I was pleasantly surprised by Waxahwhatcgamacallit. Hell again.

  8. I felt certain Steve would take this one, but I was pleasantly surprised by Waxahwhatcgamacallit. Hell again.

  9. My, this is a tight one - like them both but I'm declaring for croaky old Steve and Heaven this week - brevity helped too.

  10. It is difficult but I am going for hell