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Tuesday, 23 June 2020

King of Madrid

More Americana for you today - apologies if this is not your kind of thing.
Americana from England courtesy of Peter Bruntnell or perhaps technically from New Zealand given he was born there prior to moving to Kingston upon Thames when he was a year old. Apropos of nothing he is exactly 6 months younger than me.
George kindly pointed his 2019 album King of Madrid on the Domestico label in my direction and very good it is too.
Seeing as how it is relatively new you are only getting the one track namely the opener Broken Wing which is the story of a young person trying to escape from a fundamentalist cult.

It is his tenth album but the first of his I've heard since around the turn of the century when I saw him live on a few occasions. Here are a couple from his songs which I have on Loose Records compilations from that period.

Peter Bruntnell - Broken Wing

Peter Bruntnell - Darling I Suppose

Peter Bruntnell - Here Come The Swells


  1. Like those, especially the first track. (3rd one won't play unless I sign over my bank details to George or something.)

  2. Preferred Broken Wing of those three. 20 odd years back, on a recommendation, I bought 2nd alb Camelot in Smithereens and remember being disappointed/unimpressed - it's still on the shelves though so must've thought it redeemable. Have a feeling that all tracks chugged along pleasantly enough to the 5 minute mark just like the 3 here. If I can be arsed in my hectic lockdown schedule I'll give it another listen this week.