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Monday 8 June 2020

Heaven or Hell 7

And last week's winner is ...... R.E.M
A unanomous victory for Heaven making it two in a row and the beginning of a comeback.I make that Hell 4 Heaven 2
Where as most folk rightly expressed a preference for R.E.M. from their I.R.S. days there is no denying than Near Wild Heaven is a far, far better song than Burning Hell.

Can Heaven make it three in a row as two country songs go  head to head.
In the smooth country corner we have The Mavericks with their cover of Bruce Springsteen's All That Heaven Will Allow.
In the raw country corner we have The Ponderosa Aces with Raising Hell in Honky Tonks .
Not that I am trying to influemce things can I mention that our good friend JTFL was a Ponderosa Ace albeit that he is not playing bass on this one.

Heaven or Hell the choice is yours. The Mavs or the Aces.

The Mavericks - All That Heaven Will Allow

The Ponderosa Aces - Raising Hell in Honky Tonks


  1. The Mavericks. So Heaven.

  2. Somehow I missed last week's edition, a terrible oversight on my part, though I would have gone with NWH.

    This week, Jonny's band get my vote, because I don't really dig what the Mavericks did to Bruce.

  3. I am going with the Aces - Somehow if there is going to be a country leaning in a song, best that it is full-blown and not middle-of-the-road country as per the Mavericks song. Others of course may choose to disagree but I seem to be in the majority so far. Great that one of the blogging fraternity has actually been part of the Aces too of course.

  4. The Aces - not only for the benefit of Johnny

  5. I take Alyson's point about the Maverick's MOR-ness but...just for the organ break at 1:58 I'm shootin' for heaven this week