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Sunday, 14 June 2020

Rose City Band

Regular readers who are familiar with the songs I post will guess correctly that I am not  particularly a fan of  the modern psychedelic music that many of my contemporaries enjoy.
There are however one or two exceptions.
I am quite taken with Rose City Band a side project of Ripley Johnson of Wooden Shjips and  Moon Duo fame.
Rose City Band started out purely as a recording project with Ripley stating I always would threaten to my friends that I’m gonna start a country rock band so I can retire and just play down at the pub every Thursday night during happy hour. I love being able to tour and travel, but I also like the idea of having a local band … more of a social music experience.”

Again anyone familiar with my blog will know that I am partial to a country song or two so these are right up my street.
Fortunately Ripley seems to be fairly prolific. The eponymous debut album, from which the song below, is taken is from 2019. I think it first came to my attention via Walter
Good though it is his follow up from this year Summerlong is even better
Sunday morning coming down music.

Rose City Band - Me and Willie


  1. Yep, loved the first album. Haven't got round to the new one yet but it's on my list. Ripley is very prolific- Wooden Shjips album and tour in 2018. Moon Duo last year and now RCB.

  2. A great and still often played album at my home.