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Sunday 7 June 2020

Delta Swamp Rock

I'm really enjoying the slightly psychedelic country rock feel of Summerlong by Rose City Band but not to the extent that I am willing to fork out over 25 quid for the album.

So today I am settling for Delta Swamp Rock Volume 2 - More Sounds from the South 1968-75 -At the Crossroads of Rock, Country and Soul.
I see on Amazon that this would set me back 30 quid. The world has gone crazy
From the record library from the days when libraries were still open and did that sort of thing.

Apologies - I had intended to share No Fence Around Me by Joe South but my burning software is getting to 80% but no further.
Hopefully these three tracks will suffice

Bobbie Gentry - Touch 'Em With Love

Tony Joe White -Who's Making Love

Gregg Allman- Midnight Rider


  1. Great songs. Bobby Gentry & Tony Joe White with upbeat tunes I hadn't heard before.

    Have you heard the reggaefied version of "Midnight Rider" by Paul Davidson? It's worth a listen:

    1. THanks Lynchie
      Ernie at 27 Leggies will store that away in his mandatory reggae version section

  2. Great tunes. I love Tony Joe White.

  3. I forgot to say there's a band called The TailGators who have an album called Swamp Rock. Release in 1985, my favourite track on the album is "Rock and Roll 'till the Cows Come Home"

    On another album, there's a great song titled "Mumbo Jumbo"

  4. Hi!

    Haven't visited here in awhile... LUV this "Southern" sound. LUV Tonu Joe White. Check out this video = AMAZING! Wait for Letterman @ the end. T.J.'s about 70 here & look at guitar strap. WOW! Here:

    Ciao! For now.

    1. Brilliant - Letterman walking on and thanking Dave Grohl!