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Tuesday 30 June 2020


From 1996 on the Echo label Interpreter is the 13th solo studio album by Julian Cope and his last before he started distributing his music independently. It is also the last of the 7 albums by him that grace  the shelves at CCHQ.
It is an album that was inspired by Cope's involvement in the Newbury bypass protests and other environmental concerns.Being Julien the prospect of extra-terrestrial travel also pops up from time to time.
It was reasonably well received by the critics but was not particuarly commercially successful reaching only number 39 in the UK album chart his lowest since 1988. None of his independantly released records have troubled the charts.
None of which would have bothered Cope in the slightest as he has always followed his own path.

The album cover depicts the standing stones of Cairnholy in south west Scotland

He does indeed come from another planet baby.

Julian Cope - I Come From Another Planet Baby

Julian Cope - Re-Directed Male


  1. Morning CC, you appear to have uploaded the first song twice.

    1. You just can't get the staff these days Drew.
      Rest assured that I will give them a severe talking to and that things will be rectified by this evening or heads will roll

  2. You can't go wrong with Cope. He was on a roll in the 90s. Still is, but on on a smaller scale.

  3. Visited Cairnholy as a kid, stunning site.

  4. Of course Cairnholy 1 is a Chambered Clyde Cairn. Not standing stones in the traditional sense. The row of tall portal stones which mark the tomb's forecourt have a small entrance between the innermost and tallest labiate portals.
    This album marked a last swing of his golden Pop Wand... The utterly delightful "Every Girl Has Your Name" is the sweetest Pop song of his to never have troubled the charts. The "ba-ba's" had changed to "la-la's". The beautiful video cannot fail to delight the casual or committed Cope viewer.