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Wednesday 3 June 2020

Covers 21. Dwight Yoakam does Prince.

George writes:

There’s one Prince album in my collection. Actually, it’s half a Prince album. I seem to have purchased, ca. 1982, the version that omitted the tracks "D.M.S.R.", "Automatic", "All the Critics..." and "International Lover". I’ve no idea how it appeared on the shelves of Chalmer’s and Joy. It’s not been played for over 35 years. So as you can see, I’m not  a fan. And I have listened to several of  his albums, from the period when I was safeguarding a friend’s record collection when he moved to Bremen (where I discovered that the Beck’s served in pubs is no relation whatsoever to that bottled stuff you buy in the UK).

The final track on Dwight’s bluegrass covers album of mosty his own songs, Swimmin’ Pools, Movie Stars, is Purple Rain. So two things to chase readers away, bluegrass with its association of fiddles, mandolins and foot tapping, and Prince. But you should put your listening ears on for this. Once again, a cover of a Prince song is better than the original. Not that that is too hard to achieve. But this is absolutely tremendous:

And here’s a narration in Poruguese. 

That’s it. Another one next week.

CC writes
Hadn't heard Dwight's version before. I'm not sure that too many will agree with your assessment George.It is however better than this:

Dwight Yoakam - Crazy Little Thing Called Love

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  1. Can't say I agree with your "better than the original" assessment, George, but it's not half bad.

    Here's a cover I'm sure you'll like less than the original...