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Wednesday, 27 May 2020

Covers 20. Dionne Warwick does The Beatles

George writes:
The idea for this series came from Ernie at 27Leggies. He posted a country version of today’s song. As for today’s version it appears that Whitney Houston’s cousin wanted a change in musical style, from delivering Bacharach-David songs to something more southern soul-like. Not that there’s much wrong with her earlier material. But sometimes people need a change. The “Soulful” album was produced by Chips Moman, who knows a thing or two about matters soul-related. (indeed ... Ed)

Ms Warwick also covers Hey Jude, but it’s a bit pallid compared to Wilson Pickett’s version. And not as endearing as Nana Mouskouri’s version. Ms Mouskouri is six years older than Ms Warwick.

Time for a completely preposterous version. Ever heard A Hard Day’s Night covered in the style of Iron Maiden?  Well, I hope the file below allows you to watch a video:

If that does not work, here’s the original youtube video: scroll exactly 3 minutes into the clip and you will hear “Portugal Metal Gods” Tarantula  performing:

That’s all. Another one next week.

CC writes : CCM - THE place for Portuguese Metal Gods


  1. You were right, CC, he is a bit obsessed with Nana Mouskouri

  2. I never know what to expect here on Wednesdays and every week George takes us somewhere we didn't know we needed to go.

    1. Should than not read "we didn't need to go" Adam?

    2. THat's a nice comment, Adam, but I'm beginning to feel it's a all a bit mundane

    3. No, George! We all need more Portugese Metal Gods in our life.

      Although I do prefer the version by Slaughter & The Dogs...