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Wednesday 6 May 2020

Covers 17. The Country Pills do Survivor

George writes
I love Eye Of The Tiger by Survivor. I bought the single on release and on the few occasions I can be bothered to change the motor on the turntable I will still play it. Although Fox On The Run will usually be at the head of the queue. For some reason, and I’m quite sure heavy drinking was involved, when Frank Bruno fought Tyson ca. 1989, I and a friend (who was an avid Dunfermline Athletic fan)  went back to my flat to listen to it on the radio. At 3 in the morning.  Yes, just before the fight started I played the Survivor single. 

So for your listening pleasure today, here’s a country cover version, by a Russian country music band. You can hear more of their music on the russian equivalent of facebook, vkontakte. Oh, and soundcloud and bandcamp.


And here’s The Kira Justice, all the way from Brazil, in a musically and lyrically faithful cover

Again, splendid.

Another one next week.