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Monday, 4 May 2020

Heaven or Hell 2

Honours even last week. The Clash came flying out the traps only to be gradually clawed back by the wily Mr Prine. I didn't vote and am happy with a draw but if I had  to choose I would go for John Prine purely on the strength of Alyson's comments.

Now for this week's contenders. I am rather enjoying Dixie Blur the latest album by Jonathan Wilson which includes the track In Heaven Making Love (which is presumably what John Prine is currently up to).
Jonathan is up against a song by the Waco Brothers from their 2000 album Electric Waco Chair on, as always, the Bloodshot label.

What's it to be this week folks - heaven or hell?
I'm sitting on the fence again but am prepared to give the casting vote in the event of a draw.

Jonathan Wilson - In Heaven Making Love

Waco Brother - Walking on Hell's Roof Looking at the Flowers


  1. Wacos. It's one of the greatest records in the world ever

    1. It had me playing the album for the first time in ages

  2. I love these compare and contrast series of yours as I discover new things.

    Got to be the Waco Brothers although got confused by the lead singer's accent then discovered he's British.

  3. Whenever I hear individual Jonathan Wilson tracks, I quite like them. On the odd occasion I've tried a whole album, I've been disappointed.

    None of which changes the fact that that Waco Brothers song is amazing.