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Monday, 18 May 2020

Heaven or Hell 4

Initially I thought that we had another whitewash on our hands last week as the Gang of Four romped ahead of the Psychedelic Furs. They still won but in the end it was a close run thing.

So Walter,the Robster, George, Swiss Adam and Brian join them in Hell whilst Ernie, Rol, SWC and Spence head up to heaven.

It says something about my audience that Hell is currently 3 -0 up

This week in Heaven v Hell  it is the USA v Australia or more specifically Boston, Massachusetts v Perth, Australia.

Yes folks The Triffids with Hell of a Summer have the unenviable task of going up against The Pixies with Monkey Gone to Heaven.
It's a tough task. Will they do it, or at the very least run them close?

It's in your hands folks

The Triffids - Hell of a Summer

The Pixies - Monkey Gone to Heaven


  1. Because of shift patterns I keep missing this feature, but this morning I'm off so I'm here to put the cat firmly among the pigeons with a vote for The Triffids to extend hell's lead.

  2. I love Pixies in 88/89 and this song is a massive one but I think based on this morning and how I feel right now I'm going for the Triffids.

  3. Tricky one. As Adam says it maybe depends on your mood. Today, Pixies.

  4. The Triffids. Easily. The Swede is right.

  5. Both songs are new to me and after one listen each I am veering toward The Triffids (who would they remind me of - it's bugging me?).

    Could have missed out on a place in this series if they'd sang "helluva" instead.

  6. Hard as both tracks are great, but going to hell with my beloved Triffids.

  7. I thought of the Swede and his beloved Triffids immediately. Glad he made it over here. For me, a tough one for the second week in a row, but I'm giving it to the Triffids.

  8. As the others said, it depends on the mood. So I am going for Triffids now.

  9. Pixies. Easy.

  10. Gotta be The Pixies, but fair play to The Triffids, they gave it a good shot.

  11. The Triffids is a great track but I'm too heavily invested in the Pixies to go against them - saw them a couple of times, one was an amazing gig at Sheff City Hall circa 1989 - the hair stands up on my neck just thinking about it. Getting a bit troubled by my Heaven fixation though - I've always been a hell over heaven, left over right, tails over heads, odds against evens, black against white kinda guy.