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Friday, 1 May 2020

Social Dancing Euro Disco

I had a bit of a wobble on Tuesday just before the minute's silence for the NHS staff and care workers who have died so far during the Coronavirus pandemic.

I had drafted a post having a bit of a rant at the shortages of PPE and the fact that the Government with their BBC lapdogs are being somewhat reticent in revealing the extent of the number of deaths and the devastation when they were quick to do so in Spain and Italy.The desperately sad situation in care homes was also getting me down particularly given that my mum was in one for just over a year before she died.

However posting it would probably have made me even more twitchy and angry.
So instead I have decided that today we will have some Euro Disco courtesy of the band bis.

This should cheer us up.

bis - Euro Disco

bis -Shopaholic

bis - Listen Up


  1. It's probably a healthy thing to vent/rant as and when necessary in the current circumstances CC. I'm sure all the members of our blogging community are on the same page and share your outrage.

  2. Feel free to rant CC as it can be cathartic. I've done a fair bit of ranting myself of late re the things you mentioned - Thanks again to people like yourself who are in the thick of it. The Thursday night clapping sessions don't sit with me well, as too little by far in terms of recognition of what frontline staff are doing right now, but something I suppose.

    As I think you know my mum is in a care home and although I haven't seen her since early March I phone regularly and she seems really happy - I think the staff have more freedom when the home is not filled with visitors so they are playing games, painting rainbows etc. We are at the mercy of this virus however and should it get into the care home, I'm not sure what would happen. They are in effect self-isolating but in a family of 100 which just won't work at all.

    We knew as a country what was coming but Boris' idea that the British public wouldn't accept a lockdown meant we lost control early on. So sorry for those NHS workers and care staff who have lost their lives.

    Thanks for cheering us up with the songs though!

  3. Thanks Alyson
    Fortunately I'm somewhat removed from the front line.
    Glad your mum is ok

    1. You know what I'm going to say, right? Totally agree with everything everyone else has said here; you know me,I'm not adverse to having the less than occasional rant over at my place, and I do find it really helps to get things off my chest, particularly at the moment when I literally have no-one else to scream at (except passing cars, which is never a good look).

      Also, although it's a bit liberal/left wing echo chamber-y, it's good to have folks comment on what you've written and endorse and support your views.

      It's even more fun when somebody tries to have a pop: not really in the same vein, but the other day somebody left a comment on a four-year old post of mine telling me that Tin Tin Out were better than both The Sundays and Edie Brickell & the New Bohemians. Get t'fuck are they!

      Anyway - stay safe and wonderful matey.

  4. I can only echo what both TS and Alyson have said above. I think we're all feeling all sorts of things at the moment and are just trying to deal with it any way we can.
    Take care CC.

  5. As they all said above. Take care CC.

  6. Fine now thanks
    Just a slight wobble

  7. 100% echo your sentiments there Alyson but please, don't call him by just his first name which implies some kind of amiable affability when in truth, he is a dangerous man.

  8. I'll do my best to stick to the music and say Eurodisco is the most anti-bis song ever performed by bis. Big fan of these guys. I still haven't heard that album they put out last year. Must rectify.