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Wednesday 20 May 2020

Covers 19. Boris Besedin does Deep Purple

Can you guess what it is yet? .... Ed

Country music this week. And it’s a Russian country cover. Again. This time by Boris Besedin. This is great, enjoy:

There might be more Russian country covers in the coming weeks (Haud me back ...... Ed). The two posted so far are splendid (allegedly .... Ed)

Now, hands up all those who want to see two female flautists, two backing singers, a bloke on acoustic guitar, a bass guitarist and two percussionists, from Brazil………….

Another one next week

(Haud me back once more ...... Ed)


  1. Smerk ont th'water, as a man in a pub in the Lake District once said.

  2. My vote goes to the Brazilian band.

  3. Great version of the brazilian band (hahahaha I´m Brazilian and btw loving your series with the covers of brazilian versions rsrsrs) but reading the comments of this video some people said that the initial chords of this music, "Maria Moita"(year 1964) is related to "Some on the water". Carlinhos Lyra is a famous composer from the Bossa Nova era. What do you think? rsrsrs Here it is:

    1. Those chords are definitely the same as the Deep Purple song. Maybe Carlinhos should be sueing Blackmore and co.?

    2. George is correct there - a blatant copy!

    3. The Brazilians for me too but the Russian Duane Eddy made a fist of it. If that means you've got to go back and listen to Boris Besedin to work out what I'm talking about....I'm sorry

  4. I'm torn between Russia and Brazil, but I think I'm going with Lynchie that Brazil takes the cup. Although maybe I was won over by the video.

    All I can offer is Senor Coconut...

    I was very disappointed to discover that the Smoke On The Water I have by Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys is a different Smoke On The Water entirely.