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Tuesday 19 May 2020

The A Word

The A Word is back on the BBC with a new series. Whereas it can be a bit cliched at times it covers subjects such as Autism and Learning Disabilities which other comedy dramas tend to shy away from. Plus young Joe listens to some terrific 70's punk soundtracks.

I now longer have a CD player in the car and therefore I have a USB stick which I use to listen to music in addition to the radio. Whenever I plug it in it goes to the first download in numerical/alphabetical order which is New West Records 2018 New Releases Sampler

For some reason it plays the tracks alphabetically as opposed to the order they are on the sampler so the first thing I hear everytime I plug it in is the first few bars of  Heart Slows Down by Aaron Lee Tasjan while I select what I want to play
In the spirit of The A Word here are the A songs

Aaron Lee Tasjan - Heart Slows Down

All Them Witches - Diamond

American Aquarium - The World Is On Fire


  1. on the strength of these three tracks I have just acquired the album. I'm sure it'll be better than that load of cobblers album by Gretchen Peters I listened to yesterday and subsequently deleted

  2. A quick 90 secs of each of those tracks and I'll be going back to check on that sampler later this weekend. My wife's a devotee of The A Word tho' I passed on it - looks like I need to go back and investigate the soundtrack at least.