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Tuesday, 5 May 2020

Strike a Match

Recently I've been extoling to George the virtues of the 2017 Scottish Album of the Year namely Strike a Match by Sacred Paws
I thought that I'd posted something about it before but apparantly not.
If you like a bit of jingle jangle then this lbum is for you. If you like a bit of jingle jangle that puts you in mind of the Bhundu Boys then you have well and truly hit the jackpot.

Sacred Paws are a Glasgow band  consitsing of Rachel Aggs on guitar, bass and vocals and Eilidh Rodgers on drums and vocals
They had previously released Six Songs an EP on Rock Action the label run by Mogwai on which the album also appears.
A follow up album The Conversation, which I've yet to hear, was released in 2019

Sacred Paws - Nothing

Sacred Paws - Strike a Match


  1. " I've been extoling to George the virtues "'s just wasted on some people

  2. Reminds me of Vampire Weekend, but without the hipster pretension. I liked when the brass section came in on the first track.

  3. You're not wrong in your likening the backing to the Bhundus. I'll give these tracks a few more listens. All it does though is make me want to get True Jit out and play it to death again